My drive is to restore antique woodworking tools, make my own versions, and to educate others on their use. I enjoy sharing what I have learned with other hand-tool woodworking enthusiasts.

I work in two locations. First is my own shop, which is small and in my garage. The second location is a friend’s shop, which is much larger and has a very nice selection of power tools that I use occasionally.

By day, I am an application programmer and I primarily work with C# and MS SQL server. I’m married and my wife runs a University help desk. Some day I would like to retire and putz in the wood shop.

My roots in woodworking go way back. I grew up in Al Lawton’s workshop, a wonderful friend and educator. He showed me how to care for tools and to treat them with respect. He shared many things with me and we worked on many different projects together as I was growing up. My mother purchased many of my first power tools as birthday and Christmas presents. Many of those tools I still have and use today. I grew into a power tool kind of guy, purchasing larger ones as money allowed.

Around 2003 I stumbled onto the Society for Creative Anachronism which got me interested in history and the use of hand tools. I have done a tremendous amount of research to find tools that were used in period (500-1650). I teach classes at several gatherings a year on varying subjects, mostly woodworking related. I have been fortunate to work with several people within the organization that have a deep love for woodworking.

I look forward to learning and sharing with you as we both grow in our woodworking experiences!