Work Space Lighting

Every shop I have had has started in a dimly lite space, a corner in the basement, or garage were common examples. I typically just hung a 4 foot florescent light fixture above and lived with it. This isn’t exactly a bad situation, but none of them were what I would call optimum. At our new home, my wife has graciously allowed me to setup my primary hand tool work bench in our great room.

WP_20160204_011While I certainly have a lot of great windows to help with lighting, they only work during daylight hours. The overhead ceiling fan light is not close enough to my bench area, so additional lighting is needed. With the assistance of my wife we picked out an interesting light fixture that works well with the vaulted ceilings. It has 5 halogen bulbs that are 50 watts each, eventually we will change them to LEDs to save electricity. This provides a lot of light that I can direct where I want.

A second fixture will be placed on the other side of the great room where we commonly setup a table for games when we have guests.

WP_20160204_009This is certainly a big step in the right direction, lets see how well it works over the next few weeks.

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