Off to the Retirement Home

A couple of months back, I made a smart arsed comment to my wife at the end of  a post about needing a bigger house so I could store more wood. My wife replied to that post that she approved the message and that we should get a better suited house. This was us kidding around about future intentions of finding a new place. Shortly after those comments we stumbled upon a house that fit nearly all our needs, and we were no where near prepared for such a thing. Be very careful what you joke about, now we move…ugh.

Closing day is today, yep everything went through and we are now proud owners of a second house. We have a few things to do before we move in like wall paper removal, painting, carpet shampooing, cleaning and some network cabling. We hope to get most of that complete this first weekend and start moving in over the following week. Thankfully we are taking this slow as we don’t need to rush out of the old house as its not even up for sale yet.

We are considering this new to us house our retirement home. The yard is flat and mowable with a rider, all basic amenities are on the main floor, plenty of space for our various hobbies and projects, we can finally park our vehicles in the garage, plenty of good storage, large yet private yard.

Upcoming projects will include:

  • Shelves for our library of books
  • Cabinets to store things and to remove a bit of clutter from view
  • A glass studio for my wife, yes a dedicated room for lampworking and ceramics
  • A hand tool work shop in the great room, yes my wife has graciously allowed me to have a stellar location right in the main room of the house!
  • End/side tables and possibly a coffee table
  • Eventually to add onto the 3rd garage stall to make a 4th for a bigger shop

…many more things to come as I’m sure my honey do list will continue to grow soon enough.

So, yes we are excited to get into the new house, but we are not so thrilled about moving all our stuff.

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