Wood Storage Upgrade

WP_20150718_004Over the weekend I acquired some nice quarter sawn red oak, I hope to use on a future project. But storage is getting to be a pain, and 8+ feet of wood storage is pretty clunky in my garage. So I’m forcing myself to put up the storage racks I have had for a while.

Unfortunately the stud spacing didn’t line up well with where I wanted to put the rack. To solve that I put a couple of 2x4s on the wall horizontally first. Once they were level I was able to space the metal rack as I saw fit and attach them plumb to the 2x4s. Once screwed in place, I started to fill the rack. The thicker pieces are mostly quarter sawn beech that will be used for plane blanks, the 4 quarter sawn red oak are near the bottom, natural edge boxwood at the top left, and a bunch of miscellaneous pieces stacked wherever I could find space. The shelf system is over half full already…

WP_20150718_005…honey we need to buy a bigger house so I can store more wood in the garage.

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