Plane Making Resources

Why have I been relatively quiet on my blog as of late?

I have been busy working on planes for clients.

So why not write about it?

I have considered it, and struggle with the amount and type of content that I put on this blog. I started the blog as a means to share what I am doing with friends and potential customers. Early on I decided not to blog in detail about making planes, though cleaning up old ones is acceptable.

Why no details about making planes?

I’m not trying to hide any secrets, in fact I am happy to talk about the subject. But there are several great videos and books on the subject and I don’t want to diminish their importance or the people that have  worked so hard to create these wonderful resources.

So where do you find these videos/books?

There are many web sites that carry this content and frequently in different formats. Here are a few resources I found valuable in one way or another, in no particular order.

Larry Williams has 2 DVDs available:

Don McConnell has 2 DVDs available:

Matt Bickford wrote a great book and follow up DVD:

Tod Herrli has a couple of DVDs

John M. Whelan has a couple of books available:

Bill Anderson has 3 DVDs available:

I know there are many other resources out there for us enthusiasts, I’m wont attempt to create a list of them all, but this is a reasonable starting point for the more traditional wood plane making and use. I encourage readers to send me links to other DVDs or books that are focused on this subject, if I find them pertinent I will update this post accordingly.

I will post more pictures of some of the planes that I have been working on, but I don’t plan on going into great detail on the process as that is what the above resources are for.

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