Silk Banners for Theodweard and Anplica

This post is not woodworking related at all, but a fun side project for a couple of SCA friends. The request was for a couple of silk banners with their heraldry on them. Dimensions will be approximately 2 feet square each, silk was provided with already sewn edges.

First I created my own version of their heraldry in illustrator, this helps me define where my gutta lines will end up and I can scale it to size. This seem like a lot of extra work, but its easy to change or fix something before I draw it on the silk.

I created a custom sized frame for the project out of 1/2″ PVC. Then I attach the silk to the frame with clips and rubber bands. Then I traced the design onto the silk with a chalk pencil. Next I use gutta to outline areas I want to dye.

Once the gutta is dry I add the dye. Not all areas can be dyed on the first round as I would like some colors to touch. Aplica’s will go through the next few steps twice and Theodweard’s will be three times to get the leaves on the tree to look nice.

Once the dye has dried, its time to set it. I place it in a paper bag and toss it into the kitchen oven at 300 degrees for 5 minutes. Be very careful not to scorch the silk. Once cool, it goes into the washing machine on the silk setting to remove any extra dye. Back onto the rack for the next gutta application. You do this as many times as needed to get the colors in the locations you want.

Banners fully complete and hung for display.
Banners fully complete and hung for display.

You may wish to lightly iron after it comes out of the wash the last time to get any wrinkles out. Attach to the banner pole of your choosing and let it fly!

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