A Plane Gift (Part 3) Sole and Button

Normally I would just use a Stanley #7 or #8 to flatten the sole, simple and effective. This time I happened to be in the big shop with the plane and a power jointer, so what the heck. A couple of thin passes on the power jointer and we are good to go. I then took a smoothing plane and made a couple of thin passes to get the scalloping from the power jointer out. Probably over kill, but it was fun to do this time around, sole flattening complete.

Old wooden jointer meets new power jointer.
Old wooden jointer meets new power jointer.

While cleaning I noticed there was a fair amount of bruising around the front button. The surface around the button looks very splintery, almost dry rotted, the below picture doesn’t show the extent of the damage. The button also appears to have been cut off some time ago. So I drilled the button out, slightly over sized from the original and will replace it with a new one that will be slightly proud once again. This will have to wait until I can get into the big shop and spend a little time at the lathe for a good tight fit.

Front button of the Ohio Tool Co 21" jointer.
Front button of the Ohio Tool Co 21″ jointer.

Then I spent a bit of time sharpening the iron and mating the cap iron. Nothing really special here, other than its a very good thick iron. The typical back flattening, and bevel work on the diamond stones to get it sharp once again.

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