A Plane Gift (Part 1) Receiving

A guy walks into a bar, no no no that’s not it. A guy walks into the office, nope not it either but close. A co-worker walks into the office and handed me a rather large wooden plane. I looked up at him and asked how much? He responds “I paid a dollar for it”. I gasp and reached for it to look it over. Loose handle, no big deal; wedge stuck, expected; mildly rusty iron, easy to fix. He said he thought of me when he saw it and just picked it up.

I’m not sure I want to encourage people to purchase tools for others blindly, but for a dollar what the heck. I thanked him several times over, gave him a dollar and went back to my desk with a big smile. Even if it ends up being horrible, I could use the larger chunk of wood for another project.

Ohio Tool Company 21 jointer, makers mark on toe
Ohio Tool Company 21 jointer, makers mark on toe

It’s stamped Ohio Tool Co with an upside down 21 on the toe. A previous owners initials are a combined AB can also be seen. The plane measures 21 inches long, which makes it a jointer plane. I have several other Ohio Tool Company planes and the makers marks are substantially different. This stamp is overly simple so I am going to conclude its older. They started operations in 1823, merged with Auburn Tool Co in 1893 and ceased operations in 1920. So minimum of 95 years old, due to my conclusion of the makers mark, I would guess between 122 and 192 years old. If you can narrow it down further than I have please let me know.

Next onto the cleanup and restoration.

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