Handworks 2015 & Studley Tool Chest Exhibit Post Mortem

Friday morning I woke up much earlier than normal, hopped in the car and drove over 5 hours to Handworks 2015. Along the way I picked up David my machinist friend. A two day gathering of like minded woodworkers!

Banner3Being I was at Handworks 2013 I had a clue of how busy the place would be. This year was quite similar opening morning. There was a rather long line near Lost Art Press. I’m assuming for those wanting to pick up their new book Virtuoso and that Roy Underhill was there signing his books. I waited until later in the day as I didn’t want to carry my book around or walk back to the car to drop it off. I have yet to read the book but the pictures and the layout of it are fantastic. The main barn died down to a dull roar around lunch, so we took advantage of that time to visit with many of the vendors and actually chat with them.

Dinner out in a great Irish Pub in Cedar Rapids.
Dinner out in a great Irish Pub in Cedar Rapids.

Saturday morning the line to the barn was astounding, it was easily 2 blocks long that I could see. The mornings attraction was Roy Underhill: “Calypso’s Gift: The Axe That Takes us Home”. It was a lot of fun to hear the story and to see him in person. We connected up with SCA friends through out the day, Theodweard, Tom, Marcus, Danr, Peter, Bayard and Siggurd.

Danr presenting Roy Underhill with a frow know that he made.
Danr presenting Roy Underhill with a frow knife that he made.

Over the two days I was fortunate to spend a bit of time with Raney from DAED Toolworks, Matt from MS Bickford, Larry and Don from Old Street Tool, Konrad from Sauer & Steiner, and Patrick Leach from The Superior Works. They all spent more time chatting with David and I than I could dream of, and I appreciate it. The other vendors were very friendly also but with so many people at the gathering it’s hard to see all the vendors let alone get the opportunity to talk to them more than a casual hello.

Me at the Studley Tool Chest exhibit.
Me at the Studley Tool Chest exhibit, wind whipped hair and all.

At the end of the day on Saturday a group of us went to see the Studley Tool Chest exhibit. It was nothing short of spectacular! I would like to thank Don Williams for all his time and effort into the book and the exhibit, thank you, thank you, thank you!

I totally failed on photos this year as I was busy checking out the tools and talking to the vendors. There was plenty of friendly faces and new products galore. It was really nice to put my hands on tools that I had been looking at online and to talk with the vendors. Thank you David for riding along and the great conversations.

We had lunch at the Meat Market two days in a row.
We had lunch at the Meat Market two days in a row.

A worth while trip and weekend in Amana Iowa. I will have another post on some of the tools that I purchased later. Thank you Bench Crafted for setting up such a great experience and I hope there will be another in 2017!

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