Treasure Hunting at Pioneer Power 2015

This past weekend, my wife and I went to southern Minnesota to visit some friends and to attend Pioneer Power with them. I put on over 7 miles on Saturday, most of which was a casual stroll through about 1000 vendors. Here are some of the treasures I was lucky enough to find while there.

A nice small 6″ long coffin smoother at $15, this could be my super smoother once cleaned up.

A rather large back saw, yes I know its a miter saw, for $10.

A saw vise, this one needs a lot of work but for $12 what the heck.

A set of number punches for $25, they will be used to mark sizes on tools I make.

A side hatchet for $15, to be used in getting a bowl blank kinda round before turning on the lathe.

A large float, nearly 18″ long for $3, at least that is what I am going to use it as. I’m guessing its a farrier’s rasp, although it certainly has different teeth from what I have seen previously. If you know what the proper name is let me know, as I am curious.

Two pair of dividers for $15, no cleanup needed on these.

While this certainly isn’t an old tool, it is a welcome addition. A Norseman 29 piece set of drill bits, well worth the investment.

I still have a bunch of cleanup to do on most of these tools. I think it will be well worth it as they have at least one more lifetime of use left in them, probably more. Thank you to our hosts for a wonderful weekend, we both look forward to attending next year.

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