The Great Beech Aquisition

Last week I finally got off my arse and ordered some quarter sawn beech! This was way overdue, I should have done it a long time ago. I was hoping to get a hold of some 16/4 but I am only able to find 5/4 and 8/4. Thankfully the supplier had stock.

With the 8/4 stock I should be able to make all but the largest of the hollows and rounds.  I also won’t be able to make bench planes as of yet, overall very acceptable.

The not so good part is that I won’t likely be able to do much with the beech until the end of the month. With the bench project and Gulf Wars coming up I have a very busy month in front of me.

Now I’ll try and be patient for the shipping company to get me the product. If you know of a supplier that has 16/4 quarter sawn dried beech please let me know!

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