Portable Work Bench (Part 15) Short Cross Stretchers

I managed to squeeze in 30 minutes in the big shop, thank you Brad! The back legs have been jointed, this removed the glue and made them reasonably square. While there I also cut the last of the through mortises on the band saw, this will save me a bunch of hand sawing. Now to move onto the cart and horse issue (process order) so hopefully this doesn’t end up botched at this point in the build.

Glue up of one of the lower stretchers.
Starting the glue up of one of the lower stretchers.

There was much thinking and calculating to get, what I hope to be, the correct end result. Accommodating for the width of both main work surfaces that are not trimmed yet, as well as the edges that are not glued to those boards yet. Then there is the angles of the back legs, I want the foot of the leg to be at the calculated edge of the work surface this will give the most stability without getting in the way. So with all that guestimated, I am where I am and it is what it is. Lets hope I’m close at least.

Another angle of the leg assembly glue up.
The bulk of the leg assembly glued up.

Both leg assemblies have made it through the glue up process. Other than a possible miss calculation on the length of a couple of the tenons I think it’s quite close to done for the glue up. Cleaning up the glue while gluing up is very important, as its quite challenging to do so after its fully hardened.

Leg assembly glue up.
Another angle of the leg assembly glue up.

Next is to cap/plug the holes in the bottom of the legs and get the assemblies cut to length.