Gulf Wars 2015 – Rose Window

In this class/demo we created a half-scale reproduction of the north rose window from Chartres Cathedral. Rhydderch was the instructor and I was one of several minions that was able to help with this fun experiment. The original window is 80 feet across, ours was only 40 feet and it was absolutely huge. There was very little calculable math that went into this, it was just lines and circles really.

The main portion of the captions for the photos below are legit, but the comments in square brackets are just funnies. For some reason corny dancing stuff was going through my head like the holky polky.

This class wasn’t about woodworking directly, but it was about the geometry that goes into projects such as this window. Besides it’s just freaking cool! I look forward to helping with this project again next year…you are doing this again next year Rhydderch!

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