Vise Jaws Upgrade

I have no idea why I have put this off as long as I have, but its time to upgrade the jaws of my vice to no longer leave horrible marks in my projects. I normally just duct tape on some scraps of wood to prevent this. Ok, so I lost one of the scraps and I’m tired of having a gooey mess when heating things up like when hack sawing steel.

Metal jaws in vise.
Metal jaws in vise with tape on so as not to mar

I opened the jaws fully, then with a Phillips screw driver I removed the two screws for each jaw. I then had to degrease myself, the screws and the vise. Man that crap is everywhere still!

I grabbed a couple of scrap pieces of oak. Matching the hole sizes in the original jaws. I set the metal jaws on top of the new wood ones, then with a punch I was able to register the holes well enough. I drilled and counter bored for the screws, then mounted the jaws in the vise. With the jaws closed, I cut them to length, then planed the tops flush. I also chamfered all the edges to that its a bit easier on my hands as well as the pieces I put in the jaws. I also ebonized the oak, just because I could, sorry this is not in the pictures.

Vice with new oak jaws in place
Vice with new oak jaws in place

While this might seem like a very small thing, its something I have put off for too long. Now I won’t have serrated teeth marks in my projects! Its simple, it only takes a few minutes, upgrade your jaws to wood and save yourself the same agony that I have.

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