SCA – Gulf Wars Teaching

I am part of a medieval reenactment group called the SCA. My wife and I attend a week long gathering of about 4,000 of our closest friends in Mississippi at Gulf Wars. As normal I will be hanging out in the woodworking tent and teaching a few classes. My wife is coordinating the lampworking tent and will be teaching as well. Here is what I will be teaching this year:

  • Hand Planes
  • Dovetail Joints
  • Box Construction
  • History of Linen/Parchment Fold Panels
  • Making of Linen/Parchment Fold Panels
  • Molding Planes
  • Joinery
  • Sharpening

Most of the classes are one to two hours in length, but the making class is an all day thing. I like to try and bring a few new classes with me each year, this year is no exception. You will see posts about my linen fold experiments over the next month or two. There are a lot of other classes going on in the woodworking tent like : Workbench Design & Construction, Wooden Boxes, Sawing, Working with Cut Nails, Sacred Geometry, Medieval Geometry – Rose Window, Sundials, Chip Carving, Wax Tablets, Medieval Engineering, Yurt Construction, and Relief Carving to name a few. Rose Marie, Rhydderch, Frederick, Thomas and I will be teaching most of them. Bayard will be doing medieval lathe demos and Guttorm will be making staved containers through the week.

The woodworking tent is part of a group called Artisan’s Row, which include things like woodworking, metal working, textiles both wet and dry, lampworking, herbal and a few others. Those interested in classes should consider attending Gulf Wars, and yes we all dress the part including the students. Its a very inexpensive way to learn about medieval things. Oh yes there are battles too!

This is what I am making the portable bench for, not much like having a tight deadline…ugh!

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