Remote Workshop at Iron Tree Works

The weekend before New Years I was asked to help out in the Iron Tree Works shop on a special project, a project I have a lot of interest in. The weekend was spent working with Danr and Peter on four new thrones for the Kingdom of Northshield. It was a good opportunity for me to get to know the guys better and get to see Danr’s shop.

One could tell that the shop is normally a black smithy. Forge, several anvils, lots of hammers and tongs filled the room. Danr fired up the wood stove each morning and despite it being extremely cold out, the shop heated up very quickly.

We spent most of the day routing joints with the occasional use of the table saw to cut things to length. Peter did most of the glue ups, and this was proof to the statement “one can have to many clamps”.

Once back home I went out to my shop to make a bunch of black walnut square pegs to fill the screw holes. I rough cut to size on the table saw and used a hand plane to get them to final dimension and to smooth them. Then it was onto the disk sander to put a slight chamfer on the end that will protrude above the surface that will be pegged. Cut to length by hand on and onto the next.

I don’t want to spoil the surprise for any of us that are part of Northshield, so I am not providing any pictures!

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