Partial front leg glue up

Portable Bench Build (Part 6) Front Leg Glue Up Continued

Planks in clamps
Two planks in clamps for the front legs.

The evening started out with cutting all the leg planks to approximate width. They are all within about 1/16 which is close enough for rough glue up. Glue up of the planks went fairly quick, it just took a few more clamps than one might think. Maybe we are being anal about it but we do try to get a little glue squeeze out on each layer, we also don’t clamp so hard as to starve the joint. Some are glued in pairs, some in sets of 3, and even some in sets of 4. We used clamps horizontally to align the boards.

Glue up
Glue up for front bench legs.

They are glued in groups to best facilitate the rest of the cuts for joints. The close set has an extra large hole for the bench dog that just happens to hit in the middle of the leg. This shouldn’t affect the strength as the leg is going to be huge at this location, close to 4″ x 8″ at the top. There are several double tenons for the upper and lower stretchers. We also accommodated for the front stretcher which is just a normal tenon. Also in this picture you can see the horizontal clamps removed as we just needed them temporarily for the glue to tack, which takes way less time than one would think. Cameo appearance in the background you can see Indy sharpening a pencil.

Partial front leg glue up
Partially glued up planks for the front legs.

Next we finish up the final cuts and glue the mass together. This will be both front legs, they will be cut at an angle which will make them about 4″ x 4″ at the base and 4″ x 8″ at the top.

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