Work bench glue up experiment

Portable Bench Build (Part 4) Glue Up Experiment

This weeks adventures for Guys Night in the Workshop was all about glue up experimentation. The layup table appears to have sagged a bit over the years so that wasn’t an option for a base. The small workbench is totally impractical to clamp to, so that wasn’t a consideration. The table saw would work, but we need to cut parts, eliminated.

Work bench lumber pile
A small pile of lumber for the portable work bench.

That left us with the main work bench, which is always covered with “stuff”. Brad did a bunch of cleaning and reorganizing to give us room. One end has a bit of a hump, but the other end is pretty good. He also cut a couple of sections of 2 x 4 scrap into great cross bars. With a normal F-clamp we are able to lock down and keep flat just about anything we need. Add in a few spring clamps and we can get things squeezed together quite nicely.

We went through a dry setup so we could verify things would go smoothly. I strongly suggest this, it saves many of those “oh crap” moments. We are starting with small sections to make sure our process flow works well, we may move to a larger quantity as we progress. All went smooth, and fast which is critical.

A family member donated 2 gallons of industrial PVA glue to our wood shop about 8 years ago. We have gone through most of that first gallon. It has a relatively short open time so you have to move pretty fast. For most projects we really like having the longer open time so we don’t use it that often. But in this case if we keep the process moving along we can use it, besides it was free, so its worth a shot. We slapped a bunch on the first grouping of sticks, all went as expected until we go to take them out of the clamps. Someone *cough* me *cough* put the glue on the wrong side of the board and screwed it up for a real use. Other than that it worked well. Total time in the clamps was 30 minutes, which is perfect for scraping off the excess glue.

We cut another round of sticks and triple checked them before clamping. Being it was the end of the night we tried to do as much cleanup on the glue as possible and will let it set over night.

Work bench glue up experiment
Work bench glue up experiment

Real world glue ups to come.

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