Tool Cleaning

A good portion of my weekend was spent in the shop working on cleaning up a few planes. I worked on a modified round that I’m pretty sure this was modified by the last user. They extended the radius up the sides of the plane a bit more than it was originally designed, so it’s more than the typical 60 degrees, and not round either. The not-so-matching hollow was fairly average, but the iron was quite thin in comparison and needed a lot of lapping to get the back flat. I’m not so sure the iron will be used in this, but I will at least try to reshape it and see if I can get it to work.

I also worked on a 5/8″ tongue and groove. I was able to get the back skate off easily, but not the front one. I didn’t want to gamble on permanent damage so I left that on and cleaned around it. The front screw heads were filed down, therefore I couldn’t get the screw driver to bite easily. The back ones had a bit more meat on them and came out easily, although they weren’t anywhere near as flat as the front ones were.

There was also a 14 hollow and round, it cleaned up nicely, minimal amount of effort needed.

So all the wood cleaned up, and the metal bits have the rust removed. The backs of the irons are flat, now to just put an edge on them. I will likely have to grind a couple of them a bit as the pitting was quite extensive on the bevel side. This was likely because I left the irons in the citric acid for way to long. Although it is certainly possible that the bad ones did have that much rust on them and it was pretty deep or from inferior iron.

All the wood was lightly cleaned. I removed the typical paint splatter with a chisel and a light touch. Any heavy build up was removed with a green scrubby and a little elbow grease, though this was minimal. Once completely dry (yes overnight even!), I put on some Antique Oil per the directions. They came out quite nice, light bit of shine, but not to much. I will put a coat of paste wax on once the finish is completely dry.

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