Walnut Bowl – trashed?

So last week on the lathe I chucked the walnut bowl back up and got the inside reasonably close to round.  I figured the outside might have moved a bit as I had to re-chuck it as it got loose at one point, besides I took a fair amount off it might be out of round slightly again and I wanted to smooth up the outside. I started in on the outside and thump, flop, flop …flop across the floor it goes. Sheesh that’s the 4th time this bowl has bounced off the lathe, and the second time the bottom has broken off where its held with the chuck. So I crab the piece that broke off and attempt to place it on the bottom as I had last time, no joy! The piece just wasn’t going to glue back on and be safe again. Oh by the way, the glue didn’t fail, the wood did, lets hear it for modern yellow glue.

Discussion amongst the other guys and I lead to the conclusion, this SUCKS. Without the method to mount it in the chuck its kind of screwed. Thoughts of a LOT of sanding went through my head, that’s just not going to happen. What if we…nope, how about we…nope, but if we….nope. Oh come on now, we cant just throw it away! Lets say we flatten the bottom, then glue on a chunk of wood and turn that round to grab with the chuck, that would work…but how we going to turn it, as we still cant hold the bowl well enough. I thought a while, and said to the guys, what if we used a large face plate, you know the ones that have slots in them that can grab the outside of the bowl. The others concur that could work, assuming we can use the tail stock to help hold it in place. Then I remembered how much they cost…I cringe and say that’s a lot of money for a sample bowl. Well what if we make one? Then we can test it and see if it will work well enough to get through this project and if so, maybe we buy one some day. We all agree as we depart for the evening.

I feel partially defeated as I was so hoping to have gotten finish on it that night or at least got to sanding it. All is not lost, just delayed yet again. Off to work some magic with Google!