Post Cleanup #7

I started cleaning up a Stanley #7 a couple of months back and just haven’t gotten around to finishing it. In shuffling around for the plane storage I thought I should finish it up and put it back together before I lost a part or three. In doing so I couldn’t find the frog and the screws to attach the frog. All the rest of the parts were there, waxed just waiting to be rubbed down again.

Oh no! I found the parts, still in the rust removal tank, they have been in there for well over a month, more likely two. I cringed, shut off the power, and pulled them out of the tank not knowing what to expect. With the normal bit of scrubbing and cleaning they came out all normal like. So for anyone that wonders what a 6 volt charge electrolysis will do long term to your tool, in case your forget it in the tank. Well it didn’t do anything negative as far as I can tell so far.

I used a bit of compressed air to quick dry them, set them aside for a few minutes and put some paste wax on. I finished removing the paste wax from the other pieces and started assembly. Previously I had put a couple of coats of finish on the wood bits, they are quite beautiful.  A light coat of paste wax and a light polishing on the buffing wheel, boy they shined up quite nicely!

Cleaned up #7

While I’m in the shop I thought it would be good to do some grinding and whip some plane blades into shape. I reground nearly all of my Stanley iron’s to a consistent 25 degree angle. Many had not been touched in years, maybe even decades. Some were absolutely terrible, some were pretty close, but they are all consistent now. Unfortunately I burnt a few edges, thankfully they were few and on longer irons. Those were scribed and reground taking extra care and being extra patient. Next I will need to flatten all the backs and spend a fair amount of time at the stones as I have 10 irons to sharpen.