Plane Storage Part 3

WP_20140426_002A near full set of Stanley planes takes up a fair amount of space, especially when its on the work bench. Time to progress on getting them off the bench and onto the wall. I previously started making some clips to let the heal of the plane rest on. Today I pre drilled holes, counter sunk for screws and did the final round of layout and planning.

Why yes those are squeeze clamps! I used some 1/8″ steel spacers and and a lot of help with spring clamps to get everything up on the wall and spaced evenly. This allowed me to get final measurements and see how it all looks. I’m quite satisfied with the result so far.


I’ve included a close up of the clips on the wall. I cut them all to length, sanded them smooth, and rounded all the corners. They are form fitting for each plane. I also applied some finish to them as I didn’t want them to collect moisture and potentially encourage any rust. Now I wait for the magnets and cups to show up next week to drill the holes and actually hang them on the wall to get them off my bench. I am looking forward to having this bench space free once again and still have my planes within arms reach.