Moxon Vice

I have considered building a Moxon vice for quite some time, yah I know all the cool kids are doing it. While this is true, I also do have a real need for it. I am often without a “real” workbench when I travel to SCA events and being able to pack something that doesn’t take a football team to load into my truck is good. I need a good work surface that I am familiar with to set on whatever table that is provided. I think the Moxon vice is a pretty good fit for my situation and today I finally manned up and sprung for the metal bits. Ok, so I wasn’t man enough to drop the cash on the kit from Benchcrafted but I did make note of what they used, and found what I hope to be a reasonable alternative. Ok, I am being cheap!

I also ordered a Veritas Inset Vice from Lee Valley that I am considering incorporating into the design. Like normal I have done my Google research and have a few ideas of my own. The parts should show up next week, and after a trip to the local wood store I can get it started.