Lidded Dovetailed Box

Due to this being a secret I wasn’t able to post pictures until now. So here it is, including all the mistakes and beauty.


Sides and top rough cut and marked to minimize screw ups.


Glue up of the bottom (left) and the top (right)


Used the router to cut the first portion of the dovetail.


Hand cut the second part of the dovetail, required due to spacing of the first cuts being to close together, a miscalculation on my part.


Initial trial assembly, the dovetails actually look decent here.


Just after the glue up, notice the 1/8th inch bead on the base of the box. Still need to do glue cleanup and trim the dovetails slightly.


View of the inside of the lid, note the lip that was an unfortunate afterthought due to miscalculations.


Final picture of the box with a double coat of finish. I wish I would have had time to use my polissoir on it with some wax, but that didn’t happen.