Plane Storage

I spent the first part of my weekend unpacking tools and trying to put things back to where they were. That worked up to the point I went to put away all the planes. Unfortunately I still don’t have a “home” for any of my planes. Quick thing to try was to put up the second metal shelf I have, quite literally under foot. For the very short term this will work, it gets them out of the plastic tote and not clutter up my bench. But not a good long term location as its metal (don’t want to ding the blades), and well its just not big enough for what I currently have and I will be making more.

This lead to part two of my weekend, planning for some new shelves. I toyed with several ideas, laid tools out on the bench multiple ways and I finally came up with a reasonable solution for the space I am willing to dedicate to this.

All the Stanley bench planes will be mounted on a sheet of plywood with their sole toward the wall and grouped by function. There will be a small wood block notched for the heal to rest in and a rare earth magnet at the toe end. I am still considering a couple of options to keep the blade off the plywood and if its really needed. I might add a small strip of wood between them for clearance.

That solves the bench planes, now for the wood bodied planes. I’m thinking a couple of shelves under the metal cabinet with solid ends. Instead of solid shelves I am going with three runners, this minimizes dust on the shelf and leaves the blade free. It also allows me to put in a couple of dividers that can be notched over the runners to help group the planes and minimize tipping yet allows longer term flexibility. Two shelves under the cabinet will be a nice start, and I can add another two shelves under the other cabinet if needed later.

With some rummaging through the scrap pile and a quick trip to Menards I will get started.

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