Plane Storage Part 2

I picked up a couple boards of 1×10 premium grade lumber from Menards; it will make nice solid ends. I did my layout and started cutting. I did a bit of scroll type of design with it, and I like out it ended up looking. Cut a bunch of mortises by hand, I do love a good sharp chisel! Trial fit the rails in place and added some hooks on the back to hang them. Thankfully the trial fit was nice and snug, only minor adjustments to a couple of the mortises. I was pleasantly surprised at how stable it was without glue, comfortable enough to put it on the wall and place a bunch of my planes on it. It works great!

Next time I’m in the shop I need to plane the surfaces smooth and round over the edges a bit, maybe even put a bead detail on them. A bit of glue and a coat of finish should polish it up. I also need to work on the cleats for the bottom of the bench planes, it sure would be nice to get them off the bench too.