My Gulf Wars Classes

Here is a list of the classes that I taught this year at Gulf Wars:

  • Wire Inlay
  • Joint of the Day – Mortise and Tenon
  • Bone, Stone and Antler Carving
  • Molding Planes
  • Period Illumination and Art Pigments
  • Joint of the Day – Rabbets and Dados
  • Joint of the Day – Dovetail Joints

This year we had 3 different work/tent spaces with close to a dozen instructors, we taught over 50 classes throughout the week. Class sizes were as few as 5 and as large as 30+. Thank you to all the instructors and thanks to everyone that showed up for classes through the week! We have already discussed ideas for new classes next year, and if any of you have suggestions please let me know!


Unfortunately this is best picture of me teaching. If anyone has more pictures that we can post on here please let me know and I will add them. Next year we will try to get more.


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