Tool Peg Wall of Death

Tool storage: a subject that a LOT of people have written about over the years. There is no one answer to the “right way” to store your tools, well, other than clean and dry.WP_20140129_002

Some Benefits

  • Quick access to tools you use often
  • Easily adjustable for new or upgraded tools
  • Configurable for specific projects
  • Very flexible

Some Negatives

  • Pesky pegs don’t always stay in place
  • Forgot where you moved something too
  • Never enough of the right kind of peg
  • To much flexibility, you can change it too often
  • I’m not a fan of the wire rack that I put chisels in
  • Storage of the unused pegs

At this point in time I still like this method for the tools I use frequently and will likely continue with it as I have all the pegs already, although I am working on a method to store my various planes and larger tools.

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