Snow & Short Time in Shop


This is what my back yard looks like this evening, hard to tell as its so white, but it was snowing pretty heavily at this point. The storm only dropped 3″ of snow, but it was wet, heavy and now it’s frozen.

Later in the evening I spent a little time in the shop. I started going through my planes to figure out where I was with the restoration of many of them. I came to the conclusion that I really need to have a better method of storage/organization. More on this in future posts as I try out a few things.

I took apart the #7, scrubbed down the sole to remove the big chunks and put it into the electrolysis tank; it barely fit. I also took the irons out of several odds and ends wood-bodied planes and put them in the tank. The rest of the parts from the #7 will have to wait for another day.

The knob from the #4-1/2 had a crack, which I put some super glue into and tossed it into a clamp. It was a good idea to have even a fine coat of finish on it before gluing as it made the cleanup super simple. A very light scrub from some 0000 steel wool and the extra glue came right off. Wiped it down with a rag and put a second coat of finish on the knob and tote. They are starting to come to life, a few more coats to go.

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