You Should Have Saw It!

It looks like I was lowest bidder on a couple of saws that I forgot about on eBay. So now I will have 4 of them that are in that mid sided tenon/back saw size. I will get details of them once they arrive. Tonight I did a little bit of research on saw sharpening. I think I’m going to do at least one of them for a general rip cut, this should do reasonable cross cutting also I know it’s a bit of a compromise but it sounds fairly logical for a starting point. This research is from a lengthy YouTube  video from Paul Sellers on how to sharpen. But I wont make that final call until I get my hands on my new (to me) saws and see what they already have for teeth.

Earlier in the week I went to Harbor Freight and Menards with no luck to find a grinding wheel dresser or double extra slim files. Hopefully I can stop at Farm and Fleet over the weekend. I also need to find a saw tooth setter, maybe eBay for that one. I should also give Rhydderch a call to discuss saw sharpening as he has taught a class on that before and done his share of research. Bah, more things to do!

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