Tool Shopping

Tool Shopping

Over lunch today I went to Harbor Freight to find a diamond dressing stone for my grinding wheel, unfortunately they didn’t have anything like I was wanting. But I did pick up a bigger magnet with a hole in it, this will be used to fish parts that fall off the wire when doing my rust removal. A set of brushes, steel, brass and nylon, they will be used to clean up parts such as when pulled out of the rust removal tank. An inexpensive measuring set, caliper, thin ruler, dividers, depth gauge etc. There was something else I grabbed too but don’t recall what it is right now. Tomorrow I will try to hit Menards or Farm and Fleet and maybe some double extra slim files.

Tonight on eBay I finally won a back saw, it was labeled to have 14 ppi, not sure of the cut yet, but its about 100 years old. I hope it can be rehabilitated to be a usable saw.

New Glasses

Last Friday I stopped and picked up my new glasses, wore them a bit that night, swapped back to my older ones for the weekend because they had the auto transitioning lenses. I put my new ones back on after lunch today. Bifocals aren’t to bad, they take a little getting used to. This time around I went for the full safety glasses with side guards. When I had the side guards on they didn’t seem to bother me at all, this was a pleasant surprise as I thought they would. The part that does bother me is in the far upper/outside corners they stamp with a WM+, for me this makes my peripheral vision a bit blurry. Its just something I will need to get used to I guess. My prescription didn’t change, but I asked for the bifocals back again in hopes I didn’t take them off as often as I was.

Mow the Lawn

Thankfully my wife fixed the lawn mower last week and mowed the one side of the yard. It’s a bit weird, but one side of our yard grows considerably faster than the other. So tonight I mowed both halves of the yard. I need to keep telling myself this is good exercise and that the doctor would approve, but I really do not like mowing the lawn, probably more specifically I do not like sweating! At least its done for another week. Anyone want to come mow my lawn for me? I will pay you.

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