Sharpening Tool Deliveries

Tonight I received my recent order from Lee Valley. It contained a 1000 and 4000 grit water slip stone, I hope they hold up well as I have heard other say that the water stone version wear out quickly. There was a 6″ Norton white grinding stone, a tool rest, a tool holder and an angle gage (should have gotten the 8″ stone). I also received a 240 grit Sigma II water stone, this matches the rest of my Sigma stones. The 1000 grit that I had just wasn’t course enough and I ended up going through a fair amount of sand paper to sharpen what I have up to this point.

Off to my shop I go, unfortunately I didn’t have a lot of time as I was supposed to be working on cleaning up someone’s computer. But I did manage to get the stone soaked and started lapping the back of a #14ish round plane iron. It doesn’t hold water very long at all, might have to modify my setup to put a small reservoir under the stone to hold a bit of water, or maybe just a bucket of water near by would be all that I really need. What little I did with it seemed to work reasonably well, considerably better than the sand paper as there isn’t any heat buildup. I will have to flatten the new stone next use, that will probably help a tiny bit too.

Saw Research

I did a bit of research tonight on saws as I need a couple of good choices in time for an upcoming set of classes I am teaching. I ultimately want to get a dovetail saw, gents saw, carcass saw and some sort of rip saw. Although I might end up getting a sash saw instead of the carcass saw as I need the depth if I am going to use it for making planes, well unless I use a table saw for that step. I found and won a reasonably priced gents saw on EBay, hopefully its not a cheap one. I bid on a few other saws, will see how they progress as the week goes on. I have already gotten strange looks from my wife when she found out how much I have spent on tools lately with EBay. She made the comment, hmm do we get a saw for you or a new vacuum, and I said both with a big smile. I’m not so sure that was the answer she was expecting. Ultimately I would like to get a couple of really nice ones from Tools for Working Wood, but that will have to wait a bit. I still need to figure out what teeth settings I really want for the type of work I will be doing and for the classes I will be teaching.

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