Packing for Girl Scout Demo

Tonight we packed for the tomorrows Girl Scout demo in Rochester MN. Several of our friends get together to help their local Girl Scouts out by putting on a Medieval day of demonstrations and intro classes. Last year I was mainly a set of hands helping out wherever needed, this year I am bringing some woodworking tools. Hammer, saw, and plane should be a reasonable setup for the girls to get some hands on type of time. I am also bringing my woodworking sign, I think it will be a good conversation for some of the older girls about the different type of joints that are used on it and the different kind of woods available. I am bringing my sharpening supplies with in case I get a bit of down time.

My wife is bringing her lampworking tools so that the girls get to try making some glass beads. She helped out last year, this year she is the lead. She has a reasonable setup for this now as we made a splitter for her propylene tank which will allow up to 6 people to work off the one tank. While I waited for her to finish up some of her packing I continued flattening the back to 240 grit on several more chisel and plane irons. One of these days I will get through all that I have, its just going to take a while.

We loaded up the car port and all the tools in the truck and are ready to leave at 6 am tomorrow morning. Off to bed a bit early as tomorrow will be a full day.

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