Girl Scout Demo and Time with SCA Friends

On the road at 6 am today, headed to Rochester MN to help out friends with a Girl Scout demo. A couple of pit stops for gas, food and drinks and we get there about 8:15 am. We are instructed to put the carport in the same spot as last year, with a bit of help from friends we get it setup fairly quickly. We unload and I help get the tank and torch heads setup. The wife has plenty of setup and prep to do before the first group of girls arrives. I get a picnic table across the court yard and am allowed to leave the truck next to the table for extended working space. I unload onto the table and attempt to get things situated. Apparently I have too much for the table and have any sort of working space. I setup a working space for me at the table to continue flattening the backs of chisels and plane irons.

The early part of the day is sort of an intro for the girls to see all the different areas and figure out what they want to do and take it all in. There are areas for Archery, Blacksmithing, Casting, Cooking, Dying, Lampworking, Henna, Rapier, Stain Glass/Mosaics, Weaving, and Woodworking this year. I heard there were 22 girls that attended, this is down from at least double that last year. I think we had more SCA people than Girl Scouts this year. There is a round of classes, a break for lunch, then several more rounds of classes. We all get a bit of time to pack up and wind down before feast. We were planning to skip out on feast this year due to my wife’s gluten intolerance, but we were instructed to stay for feast and that they had some gluten free bread and were informed of what contained wheat. My wife was quite pleased to feel comfortable sitting feast on short notice.

I think all of the girls ended up coming through my area at one time or another. I showed them how to stand properly and hold the saw, they cut the end off the board. I also showed them how to use a plane. I had brought my old Stanley #4 smoother that I had just tuned up this week. Even with the ride in the truck, humidity, loading and unloading I didn’t have to adjust it at all. I took shavings off the cherry that you could read a news paper through and the girls where shocked at how smooth the board ended up after only a few passes.

Through the day I got to spend spurts of time catching up with David, its been since Gulf Wars this spring since we were able to chat. It was nice to have the communication time with him and catch up on where we are at with different projects. I think we help keep each other in check from time to time and I greatly value his input. I also got spend a little bit of time with Little John, he rand the casting area. Ingvar showed up a bit later and pulled me aside for a conversation about a family heirloom chest that he would like me to consider repairing. It sounds like there is some marquetry and some carving to do, he is going to get me pictures and work on getting the box from his mother.

Any downtime that I had, I worked on flattening the backs of the chisels and plane irons I brought with. I managed to get all the backs through 10,000 grit and even got a couple of chisels sharpened. They are near mirror finish now, and I can put them on the polishing wheel next week. I had to dodge a few rain bursts and toss the tools in the truck (thankfully it was so close).

After feast and final cleanup the wife and I went to a friends house and chatted with them for hours, then slept in their camper for the evening. Despite the bits of rain the day went extremely well.

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