Friend Project Night

Tonight was our normal Tuesday evening project night for friends to come over. Laurentia showed up to work on some glass beads with my wife. They unpacked and setup the glass area.

Tony showed up with the .22 pistol for his wife that he wants to make some wood side grips for. As we were discussing options we noticed there were spots of surface rust and a bent front site. I removed the burr from the front site with a file. The rust was mostly on the sides of the hammer and on the frame where the side grips attach. Tony used a fairly fine scrub pad and removed a fair amount of rust. There were some slightly more stubborn spots that I took a not so sharp chisel to and carefully scrapped the surface rust off and he continued with the scrub pad. We were both a bit surprised at how easy it cleaned up and how nice it looked afterward. We talked about several different options for wood, and used the woodworking sign as examples of color.

He asked how we were going to shape it, especially something so small. We tried a variety of tools on a scrap piece of hard maple. I grabbed a plane and showed him how we can make it smooth with only a few strokes. We experimented with a course rasp, a reasonably sharp wide chisel, a spoke shave and even some files. While these were just simple experiments, he certainly was a lot more comfortable about his options and that this wouldn’t be really that tough, just time consuming. He is going to pick a time to come over to Brad’s and pick out the pieces of wood that he will use.

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