Father’s Day and time with Friends and Family

This morning we packed up our overnight stuff, and spent a little bit of time with Shannon and Rachael before we headed over to Garret (Gevehard) and Gail’s (Greta) place. On the way over my wife ended up getting sick, due to missing her allergy medication the previous day, the ride over was enough to topple the stack. It usually isn’t that big of a problem but there was quite a bit of pollen in the air yesterday and being outside nearly all day sure did her in. So she stayed in the truck and relaxed for a while for her medication to kick in a bit and came up to visit later. Grace, Gwen and David made a yummy breakfast and we sat and chatted through the rest of the morning.

We have been trying to pick a time frame for us to get together for a project weekend up at our place and we finally did, the weekend of Sarah’s 40th birthday which happens to be G&G’s anniversary too. Top of the project list is to make a wood case for the bow that Gwen purchased at Gulf Wars this year. I already have the piece of spaulted maple that Gevehard gave me last time. We discussed ripping that and using it for panels on the top and doing a style and rail construction. It will hold her bow in the bottom and arrows in the lid. We discussed inlaying a bee into the middle rail on the lid, options include use of aniline dye, different kinds of wood, and wire inlay. I think it will be a fun project.We hopped in the truck and drove home. We bulk unloaded the truck roughly into the correct rooms in the house. We all laid down and took a short nap, apparently to much fresh air the previous day.

This evening some other SCA friends of ours, Shannon and Lyle, dropped off chairs they borrowed for their son’s graduation party this weekend that we unfortunately missed. While we have seen each other on and off recently we haven’t really spent much time together since Gulf Wars this spring. We all drove to Hu Hot and met our girls for dinner. We discussed the demo and the party. Lyle is the head of a shipping department and Shannon is in school for business, so I tossed ideas of my business around with them in hopes of finding holes that I need to cover or find something that I have missed in my thinking.

We had a very nice weekend catching up with friends and family!

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